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About Us

As the numero uno of property loan consultancies in Ontario, Ramanand Mortgage Services boasts the expertise as well as the experience to help you understand, explore, and zero in on only those offers best suited to your circumstances. Having an expansive network of dozens of private investors, non-banking financial institutions, and alternative financiers allows us to serve particular market segments of the property loan industry, the ones that are generally ignored by Canadian banks as well as credit unions for their seemingly low creditworthiness.

Complimentary Mortgage Services

Loan Requirement Analysis

Our in-house team of mortgage consultants will work with you to analyze your short-term as well as long-term financial needs and also offer advice on the kind of property loan that you should ideally obtain to accommodate the same.

Loan Paperwork Preparation

We will help prepare and submit the required documents to your preferred lenders when applying for a commercial mortgage or home loan along with making sure that you comply with all the formalities to maximize the odds of approval.

Loan Rate Shopping

Our efficient team of mortgage originators will assist you in understanding how the various loan plans from different lenders stack up against each other so that you can find the best offer and make an informed decision accordingly.

How It Works

Relentlessly engaged in enabling all kinds of borrowers irrespective of their demographic profiles, ethnicities, credit scores, religions, financial assets, citizenship, income sources, education, and the socioeconomic strata that they associate with, at Ramanand Mortgage Services, we pride ourselves in not only originating but also closing low-cost property loans in the shortest possible time.

Apply Online

With our cutting-edge web portal, applying for a property loan can never be easier!

Obtain Pre-Approval

Take time to navigate through an array of mortgages and find out if you qualify.

Close Your Mortgage

Send the documents that you are asked to provide and sign on the dotted lines.

Explore Our Mortgage Solutions

With our extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry, low closing costs, and more flexible options (home loans of five- to thirty-year tenures) for first-time borrowers, owning your dream home will not remain a mere dream anymore!

You do not have to worry about how to obtain financing for your vacation or second home when you team up with us, and at Ramanand Mortgage Services, we take great pride in providing a surprisingly varied selection of such loan programs.

If you have a home loan to repay and opted for a shorter amortization period, provided your property is financed by one of our impaneled lenders, you may consider renewing the same to ensure that you have ample time for debt settlement.

When you rope us in to apply for an investment-housing loan, you will be able to take advantage of our thriving network of leading financiers who not only offer great rates but are also comparatively more lenient in potential borrower selection.

You may consider refinancing an ongoing mortgage to consolidate any existing debt or leverage the equity that your property has accumulated over time to pay for major expenses, such as college tuition, medical costs, home renovation, etc.

Why Choose Us

  • Access the best rates, more lenders, and the finest underwriters in Canada
  • Compare and choose from a plethora of residential or commercial mortgages
  • Apply to many financiers simultaneously with a streamlined application tool
  • Minimal paperwork, faster processing time, secure and ready disbursement