Mortgage Refinancing

We are widely acknowledged for offering competitive refinancing options since inception and you may consider refinancing an ongoing mortgage to consolidate any existing debt or leverage the equity that your property has accumulated over time to pay for major expenses, such as college tuition, medical costs, home renovation, etc. You may also be able to avoid prepayment penalties simply by choosing to refinance your current home loan as its tenure ends or is about to be over.

You may borrow as much as 80% of what is the worth of your property on the day of refinancing your existing mortgage. For instance, if your current loan is as much as 50% of the prevailing price of your house, you are allowed to borrow a maximum of 30% of the estimated financial value of your home by refinancing, thus, increasing the cost of your mortgage to 80% of what you may earn today from selling this piece of real estate.

Furthermore, if you have two home loans, you may also consider consolidating both simply by refinancing. To suffice, if you are offered a lower interest rate by a new lender, refinancing your current mortgage would certainly be the wisest thing to do.

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