Investment Property

Ramanand Mortgage Services provides real estate loans that are ideal for investment properties. Since financing fix-and-flip properties and investment homes are typically considered a riskier proposition, many traditional lenders impose stricter criteria to assess the loan repayment capability of the prospective applicants. However, when you rope us in to apply for an investment-housing loan, you will be able to take advantage of our thriving network of leading financiers who are comparatively more lenient in potential borrower selection.

Nevertheless, in sharp contrast to how you secured a loan to finance the purchase of your first house, obtaining a mortgage for an investment property may often prove to be a tad complicated. Your loan amount will depend on the total number of dwelling units in the property you wish to invest in and whether you are going to reside in one of those or not.

Note that Canadians are required to make a minimum of 20% for non-owner-occupied homes as of 19 April 2010, and if the purchase price of your investment property is more than $500,000, since 15 February 2016, the minimum down payment required for owner-occupied homes is 5% of $500,000 added to 10% of the amount exceeding $500,000.

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